why white appear on the nails

Generally, when white marks appear on the nails, they are due to a trauma or a blow received perhaps a few months ago without realizing it.
Leukonychia (the scientific name for this problem) is the term used to indicate the appearance of white marks on the nails.
There are different types and causes of this problem, although it has not been verified that this is a sign of lack of calcium as many people think. In this article we tell you why white marks appear on the nails.
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Legends around white marks on nails
At one point in your life you probably looked at your nails and you realized that small spots or white lines had appeared.
The grandparents would say that they are due to the lies we said and our parents made us drink more milk because they were due to a lack of calcium.
In reality neither of the two theories is true. The first one even less than the second, that’s for sure. However, it is helpful to clarify the story.
Leukonychia can appear anytime and disappear just as quickly. Although it is good to know the reasons for its appearance.
Leukonychia can be divided into four types:
1. Dashed
These are small spots spread over the length and width of the nail. They appear especially during childhood because of small repeated trauma.
2. Striated
When there are parallel and transverse bands. They are more common in women and the causes are related to the trauma caused by aggressive manicures. They may also be due to agents of chemotherapy.
3. Partial
They affect a specific part of the nail, usually more towards the tip of the fingers.
4. Total
When the entire nail has a whitish appearance almost homogeneous. This is an uncommon problem that can appear at birth or at a young age. In the majority of cases it is hereditary.
Lack of zinc and white spots on the nails
When we were told that by not consuming enough calcium these white marks appeared on our nails, we were wrong. However, there is one point on which we were right: the lack of nutrients.

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White lines and dots grow at the root of the nail and move forward as it grows.
Zinc deficiency could be the cause of this problem. When the matrix of the nail suffers from a break, we see the white mark at the affected place.
Leukonychia may also be due to a disease or health problem, for example:
• Psoriasis
• Peptic ulcer
• Ulcerative colitis
• Nephritis

In addition, when we do not consume the nutrients responsible for forming and assisting in the growth and development of the nail components, it is even more likely that these white marks will appear.
Among them are:
• Vitamin B6
• Vitamin A
• Iron
If nutrient deficiency of this type does not directly affect the formation of these white marks, it can cause greater fragility or weakness and end with greater vulnerability to trauma that leaves traces.
Other causes of white marks on nails
These totally harmless but very unsightly spots (especially for women) could come from something else: an inflammatory process or trauma in the matrix, which causes a different and abnormal keratinization.
It must be taken into account that the nails grow 3 millimeters per month. Also, when we see the spot in the center, it means that the injury or blow occurred two or three months before.
We do not notice it before because it was very close to the root of the nail.
It is certain that certain habits or daily practices can cause leuconychia with more or less diligence. Among them we find:
• To bite nails or cuticles
• Manicure treatments too aggressive (which uses for example chemicals)
• Some manual activities
• Too much nails
• Typing (on a keyboard) very loudly
• Give the nail small shots on the table
• Use household products with very strong chemicals without using gloves
• Always have nail polish
How to avoid white marks on the nails
At the moment there are no treatments for leukonychia. The only way we have to remove nail stains is to wait until they grow enough to cut or file them.
Meanwhile, and if we do not support seeing these lines, we can just varnish our nails or use gloves.
It is important to note that if the nails have marks all over their area or if we notice that they clear too much and acquire a rather opaque shade, we should consult a dermatologist.
It can be a permanent problem in the nail matrix.
If we do not want these “little clouds” to appear to us on the nails we should:
• Maintain good hygiene and good hydration
• Avoid aggressive image and processing
• Let the nails “rest” between each varnish (leave at least one day before varnishing again)
• Use gloves to clean at home (plates, floors, bathroom, kitchen, etc.)
• Treat the nails carefully (not just the tips, but especially the dies or roots)
• Eat foods rich in zinc, such as dried fruits and wheat germ)
• Eat Vitamin A daily in carrots , squash and peaches

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