What is metallic nail polish?

metallic nail polish, there is no doubt that the last period nail polish has sided on the throne of fashion this season, as the nails sparkle this season with a red, green and golden shine, the red, gold and green shades flirt with the dark skin, while the pinkish-tinted metallic shades flirt with the light skin.

metallic nail polish 1
What is metallic nail polish

Silver nail polish is the first choice in the fall of 2020, and red or radiant green metallic paint is suitable for all fall wear colors, from dark blue to gray and black. It is also in keeping with colored clothes. Solid color, befitting the atmosphere of work and meetings, and reflects a lot of personal style and good taste.

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What is metallic nail polish

The colors of the nail polish give girls and women of all ages an attractive and eye-catching look, so many colors and brands, and the choice between them has become difficult.


metallic red nail polish

red nail polish for fair skin
Women of light skin are advised to resort to red nail polish in different shades, from light to dark.
You can coordinate these colors with your clothes. In fact, you can wear a white perforated dress with this color of paint to attend a romantic dinner with your partner, or you can wear your favorite jeans pants, with a tight jacket and high-heeled leather shoes.

red nail polish for warm skin
Undoubtedly, Madam, if you are a warm skinned person, you must go to nail polish red orange, which hides yellow and golden notes.


red nail polish for dark skin
Are you looking for nail polish suitable for dark skin?
Contrary to popular belief, if you are dark-skinned, dark reddish or dark brown gradients are very good for you.


metallic red nail polish for tanned skin
If your skin is tanned, we advise you to focus on the mineral gradients of red nail polish, especially those with orange color, as they will highlight the beauty of your tan. Here we advise you to paint your nails with a red metallic paint, and you should wear it with a nail polish with a golden shirt, with black narrow leather pants. Finally, define your outfit with these high-heeled moccasins.


metallic green nail polish

metallic green nail polish
metallic green nail polish

The first option is considered in the fall of 2020, as it overwhelms other colors. Mineral green or radiant green nails are suitable for all autumn wear colors, from dark blue to gray and black. It is also in keeping with colored clothes. Solid color, fits the atmosphere of all occasions, and reflects a lot of wonderful and attractive style.


Where to buy metallic nail polish

metallic nail polish 2

Every day in the cosmetic product market, you can find all new brands of nail polishes On Amazon.


metallic nail polish brands

metallic nail polish

1- Marc Jacobs Beauty Enamored Hi-Shine Nail Polish in Gatsby.
2- Christian Dior Diorific Vernis in Golden Nail Polish.
3- Essie Nail Color in Good as Gold.
4- RMS Nail Polish in Myth.
5- Smith & Cult Nail Polish in Shattered Souls.
6- Chanel Le Vernis in Liquid Mirror nail polish.


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