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What is an American Manicure?

What is an American Manicure?, American manicure is one of the important components of female beauty. It is worth noting that many women care about their nails because they reflect their beauty, it is mentioned that there is a large group of types of manicure in the nails in America, as well as there are more than one technique to implement it. However, a manicure covers not only the nails, but in general it takes care of the hands and nails in particular.


The term “manicure” itself, like its more recent meaning, mentions that the term “manicure” originated in France. If this term was originally called eye and skin care, there was a tradition that covered nails with colored paint. At that time, a special paste was created for this purpose, which was rubbed into the nails, and then applied to the nails.

American manicure
American manicure

What is an American manicure?

The American manicure is distinguished by many advantages that distinguish it from other technologies. Nails should be long, and the shape is very oval. The design should be based on bright colors – crimson, burgundy or crimson. The color of the paint should be as close as possible to the color of the lipstick. And most importantly, this German must be simple to implement so that it can be corrected without the intervention of specialists.

What is an American manicure
What is an American manicure

What does american manicure look like

Compliance with the American Manicure Creation Series will achieve the desired effect. Follow the simple rules and show your best nail polish imagination. Therefore, American manicure design contains steps. Before any type of manicure is required, preparatory nail treatment is required. Therefore, the following steps should be taken: The length of the nail plate should be medium, otherwise the American manicure will not look impressive. Then treat the plate with a protective and nourishing coating. Nail skin treatment. Cut or push with an orange stick.


After complete and thorough treatment, apply varnish coating, after design per-determined. American manicure only allows application of four layers of paint, including fixative and base. As a result, only two layers of bright glow shades or pastels are allowed. What is an American manicure without a picture of the American flag? It should also be made clear that the image shown is somewhat expensive and interesting. It is often applied to girls who prefer to distinguish from the crowd.

What does american manicure look like
What does american manicure look like

Drawing the drawing can be different. The main base is a mixture of stars and white stripes on a blue and red background, respectively. Forms of their application may vary. It all depends on the girl’s imagination.


American manicure polish

American manicure polish
American manicure polish

The following must be prepared:
⦁ Base layer, 3 colored layers, fixation layer.
⦁ We cover nails with an essential tool.
⦁ We paint with red varnish.
⦁ Draw white lines with a thin brush, 2-3 pieces are sufficient.
⦁ Above we draw a blue rectangle.
⦁ We put white stars on a blue sheet.
⦁ Surface coating with varnish setting.

Before starting to nail polish, be sure to treat all fingers in the following ways:
1- We apply the basic varnish.
2- All nails, except for the middle or unnamed, paint a red varnish. The rest is in blue.
3- We paint stars with white lacquer on blue.
4- On red nails depict white stripes.
5- We cover drawings with transparent varnish.
6- Each layer must be completely dry before applying the other layer. Keep this in mind when creating a nail design.

nail polish
nail polish

I would like to highlight an example that combines French nail polish techniques with American nail polish. Which looks amazing, is simply done as follows:
⦁ Decor with the American flag is now fashionable. When doing this, don’t limit yourself to tires. Image size can be anything, creatively getting to the point.
⦁ The lines can be made horizontal, vertical, angled and even wavy. In the exhibition you can see that there are many types of manicure.
⦁ If you don’t want to use bright colors, you can only draw one style from each hand in the United States. This will give enthusiasm and originality to your nail art.
⦁ Making the design even easier after studying the tutorial video. The author clearly shows the process of creating a pattern. Even a novice to deal with this work, if you carefully review the following main category.
⦁ We said the main features of fashionable nail decoration. We hope our advice will help you make an American manicure without help.
⦁ This will be especially suitable in spring and summer, consider this when creating an informal look.


American manicure gel

American manicure gel
American manicure gel

There is no doubt that the American manicure has a special shape for all girls, it is worth noting that the gel nail polish has really changed the nail sector for both beauty salons as well as nail lovers. We will now remember that among the main reasons why the American manicure gel nail polish preference is the result of its chip-free and resilient residential properties, which definitely helps all girls appear fresh and tidy for up to 3 weeks.

It is worth noting to all girls that it is important to bear in mind that the average life expectancy of an American gel manicure is highly dependent on the individual is the body chemistry along with the high quality of the nails.


How do American gel nails work?

To start with, every girl should know that there is a difference between gel manicure and acrylic manicure. Polymer nails are made with powder immersed in a solvent, which solidifies on the initial nail and can be shaped as preferred. Moreover, acrylic nails usually have clear or completely natural tones. On various other hands, which is then solidified or baked with UV radiation after using the gloss. The gel can also be found in an unlimited variety of live tones and shades as well. In the end, the American manicure gel is pretty good, and I would recommend it to all girls.

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