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SNS nails

If you have any questions about SNS nails(dip powder system) just keep reading and you will find answers to all your questions.

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What are SNS nails?

Signature Nail Systems is a new dip powder nails. Not only have a broad choice of brilliant colors, but their end is extremely amazing. Also significant, the coatings do not have a strong odor, and they protect your nails from harm.

In reality, the dip powders include nutrients such as vitamin D, minerals and calcium which strengthen your nails.

Why SNS is so popular?

SNS’s popularity could be attributed to the simple fact that no LED lamp is required to place the polish. Consequently, SNS is”touted as a natural or healthy alternative to Shellac or gel manicures, when in reality the concept has been around for many years and is just an adjusted application of acrylic manicures.

Basically, SNS is a super glue that is employed to nails and then dipped into a polymer (acrylic powder).”We think another reason SNS has risen in popularity is that it easily lasts anywhere between three to four weeks with none of the telltale liftings that is synonymous with Shellac round the second-week mark.

Side note: Personally, although I favor the look and texture of Shellac nails, SNS manicures have become my new go-to simply due to their longevity (and of course that the aggressive price point and extensive color range).

The Process of a Dip Powder Manicure

The Process of a Dip Powder Manicure
The Process of a Dip Powder Manicure

In dip systems, following the nail was prepped using a base coat, then a manicurist applies an activating liquid onto your nail. Afterward, the nail has been dipped in powder, or the powder is sprinkled across the surface of the nail. The activating liquid continues back and the nail may be dipped multiple times to get a more opaque shade. Subsequently, the powder is buffed and registered to smooth out the contour. The last step is a polished top coat.

The whole procedure takes approximately 45 minutes.

How do SNS nails differ from acrylic or Shellac nails?

SNS nails seem virtually the like shellac and acrylic nails, but the distinction is in the method used to make the final result. Since the powder is colored, no painting is needed and there’s not any dry moment.

SNS is a remarkably common selection for both customers and manicurist, for numerous reasons. Listed below are the main ones:

1. SNS nails look natural than acrylic nails.

One of the amazing properties of SNS nails is their natural appearance. It appears natural and much thinner than other choices including shellac and acrylic nails.

2. SNS nails are strong but feel light.

It is more lasting yet more flexible than acrylics nails, along with the powder supplies more durability than several gels.”SNS also feels’lighter’ on the nail.

It’s a Fast and Effortless application, a benefit for both manicurist and customers, and also there is less filling, meaning less dust and less drilling than any other option.

3. It doesn’t require UV lights to set.

Unlike shellac or any other product in the market, SNS does not need UV lights to bond it into your nails. If that is a matter that concerns you, SNS will provide you the nails you need without needing a lamp.

How much do SNS nails cost?

The cost will constantly vary. Depending upon the salon, you are able to expect SNS nails to change from $40 to $80 for an entire collection.

Some salons will try to keep certain extra prices a secret. They attempt an upward cost you for”nail strengtheners or base coatings” and won’t inform you till it’s time to check out. A superb nail salon includes all costs from the advertised price of the service. So be sure you inquire if all cost is contained before beginning.


Does SNS damage nails?

Like many in-salon manicures, damage to your own nails most commonly happens during the removal process. To eliminate SNS, your nails need to be soaked in acetone for 12 to 18 minutes, which can make them brittle and dried. To fight this, ensure that you regularly apply a rejuvenating nail ointment or cuticle oil to maintain both your nail and nail bed sterile and strong.

Harm may also be caused if the manicurist drills the nails in preparation, fails to groom the nails well or files and scrapes the natural nails at any point. So make certain you opt for a good manicurist!

How long do SNS Nails last?

How do sns nails last?

SNS nails period varies from woman to woman according to their daily activity.

Usually, SNS nails last for 3 weeks. and this is my experience with that:

First week

My own nails were complete perfection during this time. Despite Shellac, I lived in dread of chipping my nails. As you probably know, as soon as you get that chip, it goes downhill from that point fast.

SNS nails also feel lighter than Shellac, therefore I just felt as though I’d super, natural nails during this time. From the end of the first week that my nails were still perfect.

Second week

From the next week, my ideal nails were going strong. Since I had been waiting for this first chip, I had been really mindful of what my nails were doing constantly. I discovered I used my nails to type and understand why polish not last longer than a day. However, by the end of this next week, my nails were chip-free.

Third week

This is really where my nails began to crack. Moving into week three, I discovered just one tiny chip on the tips of my nails. Since I picked a neutral nail color, it was hardly noticeable to anyone else. However, by the end of the third week, that miniature chip had turned into a massive chip.

Additionally, I discovered my other nails were beginning to chip also. Three months was definitely my limitation for SNS nails and at the end of the week, I was well overdue for the following nail appointment.

How do you remove SNS nails?

To start with, the official SNS strategies for manicure removal advocate sanding, then soaking in acetone They say to sand off the gel a high glow, but it isn’t critical to remove any of the colored layers under. Just continue working until the shine is gone.

Then pour acetone into a shallow container then soak your nails 20 minutes then wash them using a paper towel. At that point, you have to have the ability to wash it off with a paper towel.

The good thing about this official SNS nail removal technique is that it is identical to what might happen in a salon. It’s fast and strong as pure acetone is the quickest way to decode an SNS manicure. On the reverse side, acetone is a chemical that could irritate lips, skin, and eyes. The odor can make you feel nauseated and dizzy.

Another matter is that you may not have pure acetone readily available in your property. If that is the circumstance, try out another procedure to get rid of SNS nails without acetone.


To sum up, I am thrilled with all the SNS dip powder system. To begin with, I love the manicure procedure protects my nails. Afterward, I really like that the end stands up to regular wear and tear, seeming great for as much as a month. And I am happy that getting my nails done is really a fun today without scents. Make sure you look at their Salon Finder to find a certified nail technician close to you. This way you are going to find the very best experience for the very first time.


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