How Much Does SNS Nails Cost?


If you have any question about SNS nails cost, you are on the right page. Just keep reading and you will find the answer to all your questions.

In this article, we will discuss SNS Nails cost and some tips about this.

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Firstly, what are SNS nails?

It is a powder trapping system followed by a brush-on, gel-based polish. The nail expert will use the polish to a nail, then dip it into the powder and then repeat the procedure. SNS comes in a range of whites, pinks, and countless other interesting colors. SNS really consists of the natural compounds Benzoyl Peroxide, Titanium Dioxide, and Acrylic Ester Polymer. These perform to lengthen and add power to your nails instead of down them.

Do SNS Nails Differ From Acrylic Nails?

SNS nails is now an increasingly popular solution for anyone looking for a manicure as it is a fast, simple and much healthier option for the nails. It requires that the exact small filing of the nails, so they’re left in a much better condition than following Shellac nail manicures.

It’s fewer fumes, does not require having a UV light and does not chip, meaning that the impact of SNS will continue more than ordinary Shellac.

How Much Does SNS Nails cost?

Based upon the nail salon, you can anticipate SNS nails to vary from $50 to $80 for a complete set.

Some salons will attempt to keep certain additional costs a secret. They attempt an upward charge you for”nail strengtheners or base coats” and will not inform you till it is time to check out. An excellent nail salon includes all costs from the advertised cost of this service. So be certain that you ask if all prices are included before starting.

Do Your Own Manicure

You are able to obtain the SNS Gelous dip powders, foundations, and sealers to your personal use. Just imagine how nice it’s to get your own nails without unpleasant odors, without having a UV light, and just using acetone to remove the older manicure.

With 550-plus colors today, the only real challenge is deciding which ones to try . And only a small note: the powders themselves will not reflect their precise color till they set.


SNS nails cost is not high comparing with its benefits to your nails. But you have to make sure that you know the complete cost of the complete set before starting.


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