Silk Wrap Nails

Silk Wrap Nails


Silk Wrap Nails, At the end of the twentieth century, extended nails were curious. Today, for girls, nail extension is a common cosmetic procedure. In the article, I will tell you how to build nails at home with gel, silk, and acrylic, How To Fix A Broken Nail.


According to women, this is comfortable, and sometimes necessary. There are frequent situations when there is no time for nails or nails due to high brittleness that does not grow. Extending helps solve problems.

Silk Wrap Nails
Silk Wrap Nails

There are construction defects. It negatively affects the condition of natural nails. It should be noted the cost of the procedure, whose calculation takes into account the work of the master, and the decrease in equipment and supplies.


Fortunately, you can arrange your nails at home, saving time and money. And with experience, an excellent result is obtained that is not inferior to the salon analog.


Women have been building nails since the second half of the last century. For half a century, the cosmetic procedure has become an indispensable thing for women seeking to lengthen their nails or correct blemishes. In the initial stage, it was built with acrylic, and now it has become a popular gel.


The extended nails have any shape and help to obtain perfect nails. They are beautiful, durable, and protect natural nails from mechanical damage. On the vast surface of extended nails, skilled craftsmen display their own art.


Many young ladies consider building expensive homes. This is partially true because buying a toolkit is expensive. If you do not have the necessary amount, I advise you to cooperate with girlfriends and buy a group for the company. Spend less money and you can exchange not only tools but also the experience gained while working, which is important.


What is silk wrap nails

How to build gel nails at home The gel is suitable for beginners because it has remarkable quality: when it hardens, it gets rid and removes slight defects. Although loyal to the inexperienced, the tool should be handled with care.


First, prepare the workplace. An ordinary table would do. The UV lamp can be freely installed on it, and there is enough room for treatment.


The main thing is that there is a socket near the table, and direct sunlight does not fall on the surface. The gel solidifies quickly under the influence of UV rays and in daylight, the casting point will not allow nail formation.


Before starting the procedure, prepare natural nails. Carefully cut and use the nail file for shaping and length. Remove the cuticle and sand the surface with a block. After making these manipulations, remove the pollen from the mulch using a handkerchief or brush.


The next step involves degreasing. If not, the gel will incorrectly stick to the nail plates and peel them off. Use a special tool. He calls it the introductory master because it provides initial training.


Install a template on the supplied nail, which should be placed under the edge of the nail plate. To fix it, wrap the free edges with adhesive around the pads and gently press. The construction model was created so that the novice can even determine the correct position. The main thing is that there are no holes.


After preparing the template, go to applying the gel with a small brush. As a result, the nail plate must be covered with a continuous, uniform layer. Then turn on the lamp and dry the gel applied under UV radiation for 30 seconds. Do not use a hairdryer.


How long do silk wrap nails last

Then again take the brush and continue forming the nail. Extending it according to the style, guided by the length indicator. Using a net, make the length of the nails the same. Then keep it again under the lamp for about a minute to completely fix the gel. When the extended nail becomes solid, remove the mold from under it. They can be disposed of and will not be required.


Using a file, get rid of irregularities, and set the length. Perform this procedure immediately or after building all of the pins. The second option is best because it allows you to achieve symmetry.


I advise you to color, extend, or decorate nails. Master to achieve the effect of decoration of several types of multicolored gel. At home, limit yourself to standard staining.


How to build nails without gel – silk extensions

Silk construction also helps in obtaining beautiful marigolds. This technology provides a more natural result in appearance. Natural nails get minimal damage. The basis of building silk is the use of small pieces of silk, fiberglass, or rayon.

The aesthetic procedure is carried out by professors, because beginners, due to their lack of experience during construction, choose a very aggressive method of treating the nail or excessively ingesting it in an adhesive amount.


Silk is a light and delicate material, which makes it ideal for weak and weak nail boards. Its use does not prevent normal breathing, which cannot be said about gel or acrylic.


Because of its high fragility, silk is not suitable for girls who play sports or handcraft. In all other cases, silk construction is an excellent option.


Silk wrap nails pros and cons

The advantages and disadvantages of silk extension nails Silk extensions have advantages, including low maintenance, excellent repair quality, minimal damage to natural nails. Silk nails look natural and realistic. For comparison, using acrylic to achieve this result is a problem. Search for images online from the final work and compare the results. The difference is noticeable.


Silk building and shortcomings are not without. This is low strength and short term results. Silk nails last more than a week.


If you decide to grow your nails with silk, I advise you to do so in the salon, which reduces the possibility of damaging natural nails. Otherwise, it will take a long time to perform the operation at home.


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