Pros And Cons Of Dip Nails – Honest Review

Pros and cons of dip nails
Pros and cons of dip nails

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What Are Dip Nails?

Gel and acrylic nails have been the most favored method of getting your nails in good shape, nevertheless, the dip powder nails are set to take its own place, or become a preferred alternative for people who desire more lasting manicures. Wildly popular on websites like Instagram and Pinterest, it’s really an alternative that’s existed for decades but is just now emerging as an option for everybody. Easily performed at the house, they’re also accessible by manicurists.

Pros Of Dip Nails

Dip powder nails have many and many amazing pros, let us discuss them in details:

Long Duration

  • Usually, dip nails last for 4 weeks. This is considered amazing compared to other manicures

No odor

  • There is no strong odor with dip powder nails

Take Less Time

  • Even though it may take longer for a few measures, the dip powder nails do not require much time compared to other manicure options.


  • It is well known that exposure to UV may lead to serious diseases such as skin cancer. The acrylic and gel manicures need that UV exposure, therefore it’s much better to utilize dip powder.

Cons Of Dip Nails

Like any product, Dip nails have also some cons. We have to mention them too:

High Cost

  • It is true that professional dip powder manicures come in at a slightly higher cost, but there are a few things to note about that. The first is that the pricing differences are likely to be temporary because the treatment is only now emerging and becoming popular. As more experts learn how to do it and more people master it at home, prices for materials or treatments will decline. Also consider that you can get four weeks out of a well-done dip powder treatment.

Dip Nails Removal

  • One of the biggest issues you’ll hear and read experts discuss is the process needed to remove the dip powder coatings. While we will itemize it a bit later in this article, you should consider what one scientist said of it: “the removal process should be considered for any type of nail polish.” The process for this treatment is lengthy and cannot be rushed, and though it should not harm the nails, there is a potential for damage if you do skip steps, take shortcuts or do anything to rush the process.

Transmission Of Infection

  • another of the big concerns with this treatment is that it can be very unsanitary. If you are having them done at a salon, you must first find out if it is an actual powder dip or if the manicurist is going to brush on the powders. Why would this matter? If customer after customer is dipping their nails to the same pots of color, the danger of germs is enormous. Rather, work just with a salon that pops small quantities of your powder to disposable or unsalted dishes. This guarantees that no germs are transferred.



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