How To Do a Pedicure At Home Like Professionals?

Pedicure At Home

If you want to know how to do pedicure at your home step by step with tips and tricks, you are on the right page. Just keep reading…

What Is a Pedicure?

Pedis means “foot” and cure means “care” in the Latin language. a pedicure is an amazing cosmetic treatment of the toes. It is not only about painting your nails, in reality, but that also isn’t essential in any way. A pedicure is an extensive treatment of your toes and is acceptable for both women and men. It entails trimming, and shaping your toenails, then tending to cuticles, exfoliating, massaging your feet, and painting your toenails.

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Why Have a Pedicure?

Pedicures are performed for therapeutic, cosmetic and medical factors. Your feet carry on a great deal during the hustle-and-bustle of everyday life. Obtaining a pedicure is a great way to pamper your feet. It can be a perfect explanation for some’me ‘ to sit back and relax.

The cleanliness of the toes and feet may often be ignored, particularly during the winter months if they are mostly concealed. Routine pedicures keep your feet healthy. They protect the nails from infections such as fungal infections. Although not all of the pedicures involve painting your nails, for the ones that do it might be a fun and innovative way to express your own sense of fashion.

Why Are At-Home Pedicure Better?

In comparison to nail salons, obtaining a pedicure in your home is far more comfy, relaxing and suitable. It’s excellent for somebody who has young kids, is handicapped or older, or just does not have enough time to go to nail salons. Pedicures in your house will also be amazing idea for pamper parties with friends.

Pedicure At Home (DIY Pedicure) Process

STEP 1: Start with Nail Polish Remover

Completely eliminate any nail polish that is still on your own toenails with nail polish remover and piece of cotton. If you do not have some leftover polish, then you still need to run nail polish remover on your nail to eliminate any excess oil.

STEP 2: Soak Your Feet In Warm Water

Fill your bathtub with warm water and soap (body scrub is going to do!) This is a superb chance to multitask and try out this new mask.

STEP 3: Remove Dead Cells

After drying off your toes, use a foot file to get rid of any dead skin out of callused areas. Areas to pay attention to would be the bottoms and the sides of the feet and your heels. Scrape these regions well until they feel smooth, but do not overdo it.

STEP 4: File and Shape Your Nails

Trimm your nails at the shape and length that you want. A significant mistake people make at this step in the procedure is cutting on their cuticles. “Trimming or cutting cuticles through a mani or Pedi is only cosmetic and occasionally it does not benefit the nail at all.

STEP 5: Time To Use Cuticle Oil

Apply cuticle oil into the bottom of your nail. “Cuticle oil does not only keep your feet soft but in addition, it prevents your polish from chipping.

STEP 6: Moisturize Your feet

Moisturize your feet using an unscented lotion. “Scented lotion can make your own nail polish to crack”

STEP 7: Prep Your nails

You can try toe separators to make painting your toes easier and avoid creating a mess.

STEP 8: Apply Your Coat

Paint in your base coat and wait for at least 3 minutes to make sure it is dry. Do not overlook your base coat since it provides your nail polish something to sink besides your real nails.

STEP 9: Finally, We Reach The Final Steps

Apply two coats of nail polish (you have to leave at least 4 minutes between each coat in order for it to dry.

STEP 10: Finish With Drying Top Coat

End with a top coat so your nails maintain high shine appearance. Since nail polish takes approximately 10 hours to harden, you have to stick with your finished nails to cold water for 5 minutes to make your nail polish harden faster and allow it to solidify.

DIY Pedicure Tips

  • In case you don’t have the time to experience the whole scrubbing procedure regularly, you are able to wash your toes together with the pumice stone twice each week, as you’re experiencing a bathroom, to remove the dead skin.
  • Ensure that you provide your nails a while by keeping them free of nail polish from time to time.
  • If you become aware of any disease or blackening in your own nails, ask your physician immediately.

IF you still have any question about how to do a pedicure at home? or DIY pedicure, leave it in a comment, please.

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