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NexGen Nails

If you have any question about NexGen nails, you are in the right place. Just keep reading and you will find all the information you need.

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What is NexGen nails?

If you like having stunning nails, but you are not fond of utilizing acrylics, subsequently, NexGen nails are a choice to take into account. The only requirement to be given a wonderful manicure with this way is to dip your nails to some particular powder. It’s a product that promises that your natural nails will be unaffected by the application procedure.

NexGen nails may also last more compared to any other option in the market. They’re durable, powerful, and help keep your natural fingernails healthy using its strengthened inclusions. Your manicure will probably feel great, so you’ve got more confidence to deal with the challenges of your day. With this item, you are not subjected to any particular compounds that will help the nails harden, which can be a definite plus.

NexGen Nails pros and cons

like any other product in the market NexGen Nails have pros and cons. Now is the time to discuss them:

Pros of NexGen Nails

1. NexGen nails feel more natural than other products

When you are utilizing NexGen nails, they feel closer to natural nails. It is similar to applying nail polish in your home when you are using this item. They are also more elastic compared to gels or acrylics, so you are going to have more flexibility with your own nails through the day.

2. NexGen nails are very durable.

In comparison to any other option in the market, you will encounter less f cracking when utilizing NexGen nails. This great product is powerful and durable, often lasting for 40 days or longer without noticeable change. Even though the actual results depend on how quickly your nails grow, you might find that fewer applications are necessary throughout the year to maintain the long, luxurious nails you enjoy having.

3. It is faster to apply NexGen nails

Though there are far more prep measures with NexGen nails in contrast to other manicure alternatives, you’ll be surprised by the speed of this product.

4. They are very fortified to protect your nails.

NexGen nails are fortified with vitamin D and calcium, that means your nails remain healthy when wearing this item. There is not as much downtime between application when compared to other manicure goods due to this design. Some may even go from 1 usage to another without much prep work. Together with the price benefits, these nails make it simpler and more affordable to keep the looks you’ll love. The appearance and feel of this application are ensured.

5. The colors are more intense with NexGen nails.

NexGen nails used for this particular manicure entails actual pigment grains that are put on the nail. This procedure leads to a higher intensity of colors. Acrylics utilize a procedure that’s quite similar, except the powder and liquid are utilized to create a gel that bonds to the nail.

6. They don’t need UV light.

Unlike gel manicures that need you to put your palms in a system that emits UV rays, NexGen nails remain affixed with that adhesive. This usually means you’re not exposing your hands into some radioactive light source that’s demonstrated to cause many skin problems.

7. NexGen nails are a water-resistant option.

Though other options aren’t 100% watertight, you will find that NexGen nails stand until the daily wear-and-tear conditions of life. These claws go where you want them to be, assisting you to finish the daily chores.

8. You could polish on top of NexGen nails easily.

All you have to do is to apply your favorite polish over the whole nail surface. A normal polish and top coat will sit well on this item.

Cons of NexGen nails

1. The preparation procedure is uncomfortable for many people.

For NexGen nails to be implemented properly, the cuticles have to be completely prepped. Most manicurist may utilize a nail drill to take the shine and prepare your nails. In spite of a cuticle pusher, individuals with sensitive nail beds may consider the procedures utilized for NexGen nails to be unsettling or uncomfortable. Even though most people would not describe this as”painful,” the prerequisites are sufficient to induce some people to use other options.

2. Shaping and filing are needed first.

As soon as your nail prep is finished, the NexGen nails need Shaping using a file to meet your favorite appearance. Most manicurist may take the shine off the item at this time, which means you have to ask your manicurist exactly what their aims are for your nails. After all of the extra prep work is completed, you will then expect a base coat, a powder solution, then another base coat prior to your manicure is completed.

3. It could be difficult to achieve change when required.

Due to the durability involved with the designs of all NexGen nails, getting prepared for a change on your appearance can at times be time-consuming. You are needed to soak off the product to be certain that the upper layer of your nails doesn’t get harm. Patience is needed to guarantee the greatest possible outcomes. This means you will want to organize your program in advance to adopt the soaking measures. Going too quickly may indicate that you’ll need time to heal before the next manicure.

4. There are many sanitation risks to consider.

Some nail salons deny providing NexGen nails to their clients since they think there are sanitation dangers entailed. The powders can damage the nail since the seal coating is broken throughout the procedure. That promotes dehydration inside the nail bed, which may result in discomfort with the application with time.

How long do NexGen nails last?

How long do NexGen nails last? this is an urgent question, but the answer is not fixed. Usually, the period varies from woman to woman according to their lifestyles and daily activities.

Usually, NexGen nails last for 21 at least. Many women said that this product lasted with them for a long period of up to two months without any changes. This long period is amazing compared to other products.

How much do NexGen nails cost?

NexGen nails price will always vary too. Based upon the nail salon, you can anticipate NexGen nails price from $40 to $50.

How to remove NexGen nails

How to Remove SNS Nails Without Acetone

Removal of NexGen nails may be done with or without acetone. In my personal opinion that not using acetone is much better to keep your nails healthy. But let’s discuss the two ways:

1.Removing Nexgen Nails with acetone:

  1. Firstly, use a buffer to buff your nails to sand off the shine.
  2. Soak your nails in pure acetone for about 15 minutes.

2.Removing Nexgen Nails without acetone:

  1. Firstly, use a nail file to eliminate the shiny polish on top of your nails.
  2. Place that soaking cotton ball on your nail.
  3. Catch a bit of aluminum foil. Place it and wrap your finger, so the cotton ball remains in position.
  4. Wait 25 minutes and remove.


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