Natural Acrylic Nails – every thing in simple words

Have you always dreamt of having long attractive natural acrylic nails ? Have you always wanted to have a celebrity nail art look? This article will share with you, all that you need to know about acrylic nails and all the questions that may come across your mind such as “Do acrylic nails hurt? Are they safe? What is the average cost of acrylics? And what are they made of?

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Basically, fake nails come at three types that are all made of plastics in which acrylics is one type. Usually made by liquid and powder mixes that are combined into a blob of dough that are then shaped onto the nail using a brush where it ten hardens and becomes much stronger, buffed and filed into the shape you prefer.

natural acrylic nails

It was originally invented by Maxwell Lappe, a dentist in 1934. His vision was to come up with a solution for nail biters from curbing their habit. His invention has become a fashion statement. Techniques were developed in making acrylics nowadays beautifully natural and hard to recognize real nails from them.


How are Natural Acrylic Nails applied?

As when doing any manicure, you start by choosing your preferred color, nail shape and length. This is then followed by cleaning, soaking, and filing your natural nails. Based on the length you wish to have, an artificial layer will be added to the tip to extend on the length of your nail. Next, an adhesive will be applied prior to attaching the acrylic nails in which is then shaped onto your nail using the brush finally they finish up by adding your chosen color polish, accessories or nail art!

If you wish to try this at home, look for products that have instructions on how to apply safely and effectively such as “Kiss products Salon Acrylics”.

How to remove Natural Acrylic Nails at home?

It is always recommended to go back to a nail professional when you wish to remove your acrylics as they are very experienced in knowing how to soak it off without damaging your natural nails. However, if for any circumstances this is not possible then your plan B is to remove natural acrylic nails at home by soaking your nails into acetone until their totally soft, then file it off one by one. This procedure takes time in real life but it’s a certain better removal than pulling each nail manually in which as a result will cause serious damage to your nails if pulled off manually.

For how long do Natural Acrylic Nails last?

This really depends on the tasks you use your hands for and varies from one person to the other. Ideally, it could stay strong and last up to 3 months with regular visits to the salon every 3 weeks to fill in the gaps as your natural nails grow.

Are Natural Acrylic Nails safe?

Are Acrylic Nails safe

According to some dermatologists, artificial nails are unlikely to cause you any harm or to damage your natural nails as long as they are healthy. Remember, give your natural nails gap for a break to breath and grow naturally between sets of acrylics. Be cautious of the tools your nail artist is using on you, if they are unsanitary this will cause you infection and put you at risk.

How much do acrylics nails cost

 How much do acrylics nails cost?

There is a wide range of prices for Acrylics Nails that are depending on the design you choose, the accessories you add as well as the art you have on each or some of your nails. Price range starts from $35 to $120. Quality matters when it comes to prices, low quality acrylic sets will definitely have an effect on your nail’s health and condition.


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