7 makeup secrets to be dazzling

Below we will give you the 7 makeup secrets to be dazzling and to keep your products in perfect condition.

To know these makeup secrets and put them into practice you do not have to be a professional. We know how important it is for you to be well dressed, coiffed and made up.

Awareness is important nowadays for every activity we do. Another important factor is the time you have and if you have little, you have to know how to take advantage of it.

Without having to spend hours in the bathroom putting on makeup. This routine can become very simple. You have little effort, you will be fresh and radiant, remaining yourself thanks to the secrets that we will give you.

7 makeup secrets to be dazzling

The perfect illuminator touches

Blush is the makeup we put on our cheeks to bring a touch of color to our face. Often, we put too much and, trying to mitigate it, we may just spread the makeup.

To avoid this, you should know how to apply a little illuminator on the cheekbone, where the blush begins. This is a touch of light that will accentuate the bone structure and create a much better effect.

How to place the illuminator:

  • Do not put too much powder on the brush, it is better to put several layers of product, than to remove the excess. Often, we will have to wash our face and start all over again from the beginning.

  • When applying the blush, do it just below the line of your cheekbones. Without putting powder on your brush, spread the product in light circular keys. To help you see your cheekbones you can dig your cheeks, as if you were drinking with a straw.

  • Once you have applied the blush, apply a light line of illuminator on the line of the cheekbone. This is a small touch of light and we must avoid that it looks like a line too white or too loaded.

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  • Using a brush, a little thinner than the blush, spread a little the line of illuminator so that it reaches the hairline.

2. Application of mascara without staining the skin

Eyelashes are the simplest part to make up but also, the most visible of the final result. However, the application of mascara can be complicated for many people.

Mainly because they do not know how to distribute the product correctly and the result is often too thick or too heavy. On the other hand, it is possible that it is difficult for you not to stain your skin by applying mascara. To help you, here is one of the makeup secrets of professionals:

  • Take a clean, dry spoon.

  • When applying mascara on the top, place the spoon on your eyelid. In this way it will serve as a protective shield that will prevent stain your skin.

3. Perfect eyeliner line

This makeup tip will help us get the perfect eyeliner trait that we desire so much. Cat’s eye, Egyptian look, or casual, no style will resist us.

For that you need a small piece of tape. Some people also use a small rule. But the most popular tip is that of Scotch, which you must place in the following way:

  • Place the tape by following the lower lashes.

  • With the eyeliner follow the makeup line.

  • Carefully remove the tape. And that’s all! You will have a perfect eyeliner trait.

4. How to make lipstick last longer

To keep the lipstick longer, you’ll need a piece of toilet paper, a paintbrush, and some clear, compact powder. It is this product that will keep your lipstick longer and stays in place, without the color escaping through the corners of the lips.

The steps to follow

  • Moisturize your lips with a little balm, Vaseline or a moisturizer.

  • Draw the outer line of your lips and make up the color of your choice.

  • Place a piece of toilet paper on it so that it absorbs a little excess product.

  • Using the brush, apply a touch of compact powder on the lips. This will help you fix the product.

  • ATTENTION: this is one of the makeup secrets that has double effect and so you have to be careful. Applying a little compact powder, the lipstick takes on a slightly dull tone. If you like, so much the better. But if you want to keep the shine, you have to be careful.

5. False eyelash effect

If you want to get a false eyelash effect, but without using it, this tip is made for you. As we know, false eyelashes are pretty and make a dream look. The beauty secret that we are going to reveal to you will help you give your lashes more volume, as if you had false eyelashes.

Steps to follow

  • Apply a thin layer of mascara.

  • Add a touch of compact powder (when they are still wet).

  • Apply another layer of mascara. That’s all!

6. How to recover eye shadows

Eye shadows can have very bright colors at the beginning and, over time, lose their vitality. It is also possible that they have a different color in their container and on your eyelid.

Among the makeup secrets, this one is without a doubt, one of the most useful. It involves first applying a layer of white shadow on the eyelid and then the colored shadow. Although it seems hard to believe, this white base will bring that touch of life that was missing in your shadow!

7. Fixative spray lacquer

Once you have finished your makeup, you realize that all the products like powder, base, and more generally everything you’ve applied, has accumulated on your skin and gives it a dried out or cardboard look.

Do not lose hope, here is one of the professional makeup secrets that will help you. Spread a little fixer spray or lacquer at the end of your makeup. It will have several functions:

  • It allows makeup to stay longer.

  • It gives a natural look to the face.

  • The lacquer will bring light, without bringing too much shine to the face.

  • You will find the natural texture of your face.

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