How to thin nail polish

How to thin nail polish


Thin nail polish, the nails are one of the most important signs that highlight the beauty of women and draw attention through them, and the “French manicure” is the most common type of paint; Because it is simple and gentle.


Here are the steps to apply “French” too short nails in the simplest way, which adds tenderness to women, How to do acrylic nails at home:

How to thin nail polish
How to thin nail polish

How to thin nail polish

1- Clean your hands well from any previous nails, and moisturize them with a soft cream, then apply nail remover again on your nails to get rid of any greasy effect.


2- Apply the white paint color on the top half of the nails and allow it to dry well.


3- Use a custom brush and dip it with nail polish remover, straight or curved, according to the shape you want.


4- Make sure all the layers are dry and then fix the paint in a final touch with a clear layer and non-colored shine, put the transparent nail polish on the rest of the nails away from the front.


How to thin nail polish Below we show the most prominent nail polish trends for the summer and spring 2020 fashion, according to the American magazine Allure Women and Fashion.


1- Wet nails:

One of the most prominent nails for the 2020 fashion is the wet nails, which is the right color for your skin with drops of water on the nail, and this is the newest trend in the shouts of nails, which stems from the United States of America.


According to the site “Allure” fashion magazine, this trend is one of the best trends in nail art recently. Where the nails are painted in any ordinary color, whether it is “matte” or bright color, then some small decorations are added that are designed to look like small drops of water over the nails.


The effect of raindrops is added with additional decorations, such as sparkling pieces that are added to decorate the nails, but you can make the same effect at home using a nail tonic or transparent paint to make the effect of waterdrops, provided you wait until the basic nail polish has completely dried.


2- 3D nails:

Stylish nail designs dominated the 3D style, with 3D textures, vivid colors, and subtle pastel colors, as well as neon colors to match the fun summer atmosphere.


Beauty experts advise you to get rid of dark coatings and replace them with light-colored, lively colors that are compatible with the spring and summer of 2020, to draw from them to suit your taste and style.


3- Jennifer Lopez’s nails:

Global superstar Jennifer Lopez has become a reference for all her followers across social media around the world, she follows a daily routine to take care of her skin, nails and herself, and she is keen to share this routine with her followers.


Although it was only a few months before the start of the new year, the star decided to solidify the fashion of nail polish 2020, by sharing photos through her official page, “Instagram”, and her choices varied between high-end, classic and bold look.


“We decided to give a different touch to Lopez’s nails this time, and to use the bright yellow tones to match their bold look of Versace,” commented Tom Pack, who is responsible for many of Lopez’s nails.


4- Nails in the shape of roses

Spring is the season of flowers, so it is a great option for decorating

nails with it, and for a lively and fresh look. Use pink and dark blue manicures

on your nails, then decorate them with soft roses, once at the front of the

nails, and again at the base of the nails.


5- Abstract nails:

Abstract art is a very popular fashion in the field of nail decoration at the

moment, therefore it is an ideal choice for a modern look and a sign that

simulates nail fashion this spring.


The nails decorated with abstract patterns combine the colors of pink,

purple, and dark blue nails, in addition to a layer of shiny transparent nails.


6- Black striped nails:

If you are leaning towards soft and easy nail models, the nickel-coated

nails in black and striped in black in the form of a heartbeat will be a very

a great option, first apply the nails in pink Italian nodules and then draw the

black manicure in a curvy black line in the form of beats Heart, in the middle of the nail.


7- Picasso nail art:

It is an amazing design adopted by the star Kelly Jenner in her latest looks,

and it is based on long nails coated with pink noodle nails, decorated with

faces using black nails.


It is the best way to draw attention to your hands and nails. This nail

model needs long nails, but if your nails aren’t long enough you can get acrylic nails.


8- Coloring the nail heads in silver color:

One of the methods used in France, which adds elegance to women, can

be applied easily without applying much effort.


9- Draw a snakeskin:

Snakeskin can also be drawn on long nails through the use of red and

black, which adds a distinctive and elegant touch to women, and can be

drawn through the use of specific tools with an emphasis and precision in the drawing.


10- Draw blue lines:

Blue stripes can be drawn as a harmonious curve after applying red nail

polish, which fits most skin tones and adds elegance to women.


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