How To Strengthen Nails After Acrylics Step By Step

How To Strengthen Nails After Acrylics

After acrylic nails removal, it is the time to take care of your nails and strengthen them. In this article, we will discuss nail repair after acrylics.

Although it’s nice to have amazing looking nails, there is a problem. The repeated use of acrylic nails induces your own nails to weaken. Once you take off acrylic nails, you are very likely to possess thin nails that split and break easily.

Acrylic Nails Pros And Cons

How To Repair Nails After Acrylics

1. Don’t apply polish for 21 days: Taking a rest from all kinds of polish, and leaving them naked for 21 days. This will help your nails to regain their strength.

2. Use a nail strengthener: Following 21 days, start using a nail strengthener every two days to help your nails regain their strength and healthy appearance fast.

3. Doing home chores: Attempt to wear gloves when washing and cleaning dishes. If you are soaking in the tub, keep your hands from the bathtub. But, drinking a lot of water is good for your nails.

4. Trim your nails as short as you can: Trim your nails and file them frequently. After the removal of acrylics, your nails are prone to breakage and splitting, so keep short to avoid their breakage.

5. Avoid cutting your cuticles: push back your cuticles following acrylics rather than cutting them. Your cuticles shield new nails that are growing, so they are vital for healing following acrylic nails. You also need to treat your cuticles into cuticle creams during nail recovery.

6. Eat a healthy diet: Eat lots of fruits and veggies to moisturize your own nails. Eat protein every day to fortify your nails. Supplements for nails like vitamin B and calcium can benefit your nails.

7. Use olive oil to moisturize your palms and nails to reduce dryness.

Once every week, dip your hands in warm olive oil for 5 minutes. Permit the oil to penetrate and rinse dry. Refrain from using hand sanitizers since they’re extremely drying.

It requires about 90 days for your own nails to completely recover and recover their strength. Nails replace themselves every six months and thus don’t stop trying.

If you follow the previous tips, your nails will regain their strength again very fast. Leave a comment if you still have any question about how to strengthen nails after acrylics

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