How To Remove Solar Nails At Home Step By Step

How to remove solar nails
How to remove solar nails

With the widespread use of ٍSolar nails, removing them at home has become very important for many women. Follow us and you will know the best ways to remove Solar Nails like nail technicians.

What are Solar Nails

Solar nails are considered a sort of acrylic nails But with higher quality and more benefits than regular acrylic nails. Like French manicure, solar nails come in amazing colors but the most popular choices are pink and white.

How To Remove Solar Nails at Home

There are two main methods to remove Solar Nails. The first method is using acetone to remove the solar nails and the second one is using a nail polish remover.
In fact, I prefer the second method as acetone with the long term use may harm your natural nails. Now let us discuss the two methods:

How To Remove Solar Nails With Acetone

Using acetone to remove solar nail is the most popular method as it is a cheap and simple method.


  1. Cut your nails as short as you can
  2. Apply a cuticle cream to protect your skin from the effect of pure acetone
  3. Pour pure acetone to a glass bowl.
  4. Soak your nails in acetone for 15 minutes.
  5. Now you will be able to remove the top layer of solar nails using a nail file.
  6. Repeat the previous steps until your solar nails are removed completely.

Note: You should avoid contact with acetone to your skin to avoid its harmful effect

How To Remove Solar Nails With Nail Polish Remover

In fact, this is my favorite method to remove solar nails. By this method, you will be able to avoid the bad effect of pure acetone on your nails. Now let’s discuss it:


  1. Firstly, cut your solar nails as short as you can.
  2. Pour the nail polish remover to a glass bowl.
  3. Soak your nails in the glass bowl for an hour.
  4. By using a tweezer, take off your solar nails.

Note: This method may take more time but it will keep your nail safe.

I hope I could explain how to remove solar nails well. If you have any questions regarding Solar nails, you can leave it in a comment and you will get the answer as soon as possible.


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