How To Remove SNS Nails At Home Without Acetone


How To Remove Sns Nails

SNS nails removal at home is now an easy practice. If you have any questions about SNS removal, just keep reading and you will find the answers to all your questions.

You mostly heard about the newest trend for pampering the nails known as SNS nails. It’s a healthful substitute compared to the frequent nail varnishes.

But, plenty of folks have confusion about the best way to take off SNS nails at home. They do not know a lot about the functional and simplest methods for SNS nails removal.

Are you worried about exactly the same? There’s not any need to worry as you’ve already on the ideal page where you’ll find the answers to all of your questions about how to remove SNS nails with or without acetone in your home.


The most recent manicure craze in salons is SNS Nails. This is a fresh name for a new sort of dip powder product, but frequently other manufacturers are known as SNS Nails too.

It is helpful to fortify your nails while giving the look of a manicure that is caked. But unlike gel nails, the SNS nail system does not cause any damage to your fingernails. In addition, it doesn’t need the additional gear of a UV or LED light.

SNS nails are used with a gel foundation and then dipped to a powder. The powder can also be infused with calcium and other minerals, like vitamin E, which are thought to help strengthen your nails.

While many products claim that some dip powders are still”all-natural,” now no SNS Nails products are 100% organic.

After dipping the nails in the powder, then the nail hardens quickly. The dip powder is much thinner over the nail compared to other manicures; providing a natural, strong, and elastic overall look.

SNS Nails Benefits

Natural Look Of Your Nails

  • It supplies your nails an additional all-natural look because of quite a thinner texture compared to the nails.

Extra Strong Nails

  • Your nails become more powerful and flexible since you don’t need to bring a false nail inside this nail system.

Safer Than Any Other Option

  • This nail system is much more reliable to use there isn’t any probability of nails getting the break in it.
  • Your nails also become secure towards the UV radiation.


  • It makes your nails more powerful as a result of the composition of neutrally treated substances like Titanium Dioxide and Benzoyl Peroxide. There’s absolutely no use of damaging substances in them that hurts your nails.

How to Remove SNS Nails With Acetone

How to Remove SNS Nails With Acetone

To begin with, the official SNS tips for manicure removal urge sanding, then soaking in acetone.

Step By Step Process:

  • Cut your nails.
  • Pour acetone to a bowl
  • Soak your nails 15 minutes.
  • At that stage, you will be able to wash it off using a paper towel.

Although SNS claims to wait around for 15 minutes, you may discover that it takes closer to 30 to dissolve the gloss.

The benefit of this official SNS nail take off technique is the fact that it is identical to what could occur in a salon. It is quick and powerful as pure acetone is your fastest way to decode an SNS manicure. On the flip side, acetone is a compound that could irritate skin, lips, and eyes. The odor can cause you to feel nauseated and dizzy.

Another issue is that you might not have pure acetone available in your home. If that’s the situation, try another process to take off SNS nails without acetone.

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How to Remove SNS Nails Without Acetone

How to Remove SNS Nails Without Acetone

There are many methods to remove SNS nails without acetone, let’s discuss them.

How To Remove SNS Nails With Alcohol

If you would like to avoid the usage of acetone completely, consider removing your manicure. You most likely have many good options around the home, such as rubbing alcohol, hand sanitizer, as well as vodka.

Step By Step Process:

  • Select the one with the maximum concentration of pure alcohol for the best outcomes.
  • Again, start by trimming the upper layer of the gel coating.
  • Soak your nails for so long as it requires the gloss to feel soft.

Since alcohol is a less effective solvent to take off nail polish compared to acetone, odds are you are going to have to wash off a single layer, then soak again until the following coating has softened.

It might additionally take twenty to thirty minutes. There is one more thing that you ought to know about exposing your self to alcohol fumes for a very long duration.

To prevent issues with breathing in fumes from solvents as you remove your manicure,  put on a mask.

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How To Remove SNS Nails With Nail Polish Remover

In fact, many nail polish removers include acetone, but it is rarely in a pristine form. The majority of the time, you might discover that nail polish remover also contains perfumes, oils, and other compounds.

These other elements work to safeguard your nails from drying out and cracking. It is going to likely take 20 minutes to dissolve your manicure.

However, the remaining steps will be the same. You will have to start by sanding off the glow your nails then wrap them until the gloss turns soft.

You can easily choose the best nail polish remover:

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How To Remove SNS Nails With Distilled White Vinegar

It’s a versatile miracle cleaner. You have to be aware that the vinegar has an acidic effect that may ruin the SNS nail polish. But do not use it excessively in your own nails as that may damage your nails also.

Step By Step Process:

  • Cut your nails.
  • Pour Distilled White Vinegar to a bowl
  • Soak your nails 20 minutes, then wash them with a paper towel.

How To Remove SNS Nails With Hydrogen Peroxide

Step By Step Process:

  • Add hydrogen peroxide to warm water.
  • Soak your nails about 25 minutes
  • wash them with a paper towel.

Note: The palms of your hands may turn white as soon as you soak them in this mix, but additionally, it will remove your SNS nail powder immediately.

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How To Remove SNS Nails With Toothpaste

You can make a mixture of baking soda and toothpaste which is very effective in removing SNS nails.

How To Take Care Of Your Nails After Removing SNS Nails?

As soon as you’ve taken off your SNS nails, then you absolutely wish to nourish your nails. Exposing your nails into solvents and chemicals can be detrimental, and your hands will likely appear unhealthy.

It’s time to help them recover.

Pat them dry then, and you’re now prepared for a replenishing and repair remedy.

Combine a couple of drops of tea tree oil, and coconut oil, then massage your own nails to fight fungal infection.

You can apply a mixture of lavender and almond oil on your nails and cuticles to fight infections and reduce inflammation.

It’s important that you nourish your nails so they are clean and soft.

And if you become aware of your nails have white spots, it may be time for you to give them a small break of SNS nails.

Best Nail strengtheners

You can also try this magic way to strengthen your natural nails. All the following products have been tried by nail experts and its effect is proven.

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Weak, broken nails are no match for OPI Nail Envy! supplies maximum strengthening with hydrolyzed wheat protein and vitamins for amazing,  longer, stronger, natural nails to envy.

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Tips For Naturally Beautiful Nails

Tips For Naturally Beautiful Nails

Use moisturizer

  • When massaging oil or lotion in your hands, be sure to work it in the cuticles and nails, also. Normal hand washing or use of hand sanitizer may dry out skin and nails, so try to moisturize after each wash, if at all possible.
  • Coconut oil is great for massaging your nails and cuticles.

Care to your cuticles

  • Avoid getting your cuticles trimmed through a manicure. Cuticles are supposed to be a barrier for germs, and clipping them can cause debilitating infections. It is possible to moisten and push them back with a cuticle pusher and cut away just dead parts of the skin. If you are planning on using a traditional manicure completed, then protect your cuticles by supplementing with olive oil or coconut oil before, so as to cut the quantity of a compound that soaks in by the polish.

 Choose a good remover

  • You have to choose acetone-free remover, which can be less harsh on your nails.

Eat well

  • Diet is quite important in keeping healthy nails. Protein is essential, as are omega-3 fatty acids.
  • Eating foods rich in vitamin B, zinc, calcium, and vitamins C and A make your nails strong and beautiful.


After the steps and ideas above you are able to professionally apply and take off the SNS nails yourself. You are able to get salon outcomes all from the comfort of your own house when catching up on your favorite shows or podcasts. You know how to take care of your nails after removing your own manicure. Now you know all the expert hints, you won’t need to make an excess visit to the nail salon.


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