How to Get Nail Polish out of Your Carpet?

So many people enjoy doing their nails at home! Saving money and having the freedom to change your nail polish at anytime for any occasion is amazing. However, we are regret doing that when nail polish is spilled over an expensive carpet with soft fabric or even a vintage wooden floor. Therefore, in this blog we will share with you some useful tips and tricks on how to get that bold shade of polish off your floor or carpet.

Here is your first tip

Do not stress out! Start by blotting away the excess of the polish using a paper towel or a dry cloth. Take care not to spread the polish to a larger area. If the polish has become hard, scrape the polish away using a knife or any gentle tool that could help scraping it off. After doing so, it is time to use some cleaning solutions.

Vinegar or Baking Soda

remove nail polish from carpet vinegar

Have been tried up and recommended by many people in such cases.

How do you remove nail polish from carpet with baking soda?

Wet the spilled area with plain vinegar and paper towel soaked in vinegar on top of it for about 10 minutes. Then gently scrub it off using a soft toothbrush until stain is removed. Alternatively, if you would like to give the Baking Soda a try, then you shall fully cover the spilled area with the baking soda and pour some ginger ale over it. Let it soak for 10 minutes then rinse with water gently until stain is removed.

Non-Acetone & Dye-free Nail Polish Removers

Non-Acetone & Dye-free Nail Polish Removers

Were also recommended by many people. To avoid any risks in discoloring your carpet, please apply a little of the non-acetone on a cotton ball and test it on any hidden area or corner on the carpet. If you notice the color or your carpet is fading off, then do not apply it over the stain. If the color of the carpe wasn’t affected then proceed by applying a bit of the non-acetone over a paper towel or dry cloth and gently dab over the stain and keep repeating until you see improvements in the spilled area.

Does Hairspray remove nail polish from carpet?

Hairspray remove nail polish from carpet

Always wait for the stain to become dry. Then wet the area with cold water and use a hair spray to pump about 10 to 15 times directly on the stain. At last, use a brush to gently scrub it off while splashing some water.

Using Dish Wash Soap as nail polish remover

Dish wash soap nail polish remover

Finally, the Dish Wash Soap is considered also as a polish stain cleaner. Dilute a small amount of dish soap in some warm water. This can also be used while using any of the above mentioned try outs especially if you using the non-acetone to remove the stain, finish up by adding a very small amount of dish soap in warm water to control the strong smell of the non-acetone, hairspray, vinegar or any of the mentioned above.

Can carpet cleaners get nail polish out?

Can carpet cleaners get nail polish out

If things do not go well as expected, then leave it to professionals! Call a local carpet cleaning company and your carpet stain shall be vanished. No need to put yourself under pressure in that case as they’ll be applying some specific methods that are made up for such hard stains as the one you may have. So, go ahead and reach out for one!


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