How to allow faster growth to our nails


Nails are a very important aesthetic part for women. That’s why they take care of it very often and treat it with great care; nevertheless, the nails often show a rather slow growth or become fragile and break at the slightest touch. A problem that can have its solution in the lines that follow!

Why do our nails break?

To identify our problem, we must first identify its causes and origins. Indeed, there are many gestures or activities that can harm this part of the hand or slow down its development, and among these reasons, we can mention:

  • To bite  your nails
  • Use detergents or other cleaning products without gloves
  • Open bottles.
  • Follow a diet low in vitamins
  • Gardening without gloves
  • Lack of hygiene
  • Leave nail polish all the time.
  • Fungi and other types of Infections
  • The lack of minerals

Tips to keep our nails in good condition

These tips help your nails grow faster and stay healthy at any time of the year!

  • Try to bring more blood flow to your fingers by doing certain activities such as typing on the keyboard, playing the piano, sorting folders, and so on. Bringing blood to this part will allow your nails to grow faster and gain strength. Try not to put too much pressure on them and just focus on your fingertips.
  • Consume more protein:  by taking more dairy products, lean meat, and even vitamin D supplements if you want.
  • Wear gloves to allow the blood to stimulate the growth of your nails. Especially if it’s the winter period.
  • Apply a layer of nourishing nail polish or a nail strengthener once a week. Repeat this operation every night for 15 days.

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  • Get regular manicures (you can do it yourself, ask for advice from a friend or a professional). Always file in one direction so that the tips do not become brittle and do not break easily. If your nails are clinging to something, make sure you always have a file with you just in case!
  • Do not neglect the nail polish: because it has very important ingredients for the nails, and they start to turn yellow and lose strength over time. It is therefore advisable to varnish once a week, and once the varnish is removed (avoid acetone, preferably), let 48 hours before varnishing them again.

  • Know what your nail type is: there are indeed 5 types of nails (normal, soft, abused, fragile and dry). There are therefore specific remedies for each type of nail. It is therefore necessary to learn about this point before treating your nails.
  • Drink lots of water and infusions (like tea). This is good for the nails and the body in general as it allows the body to hydrate.
  • Try to use more natural objects like wood instead of plastic, especially when it comes to handicrafts for example.
  • Do not cut the cuticles, as they serve to protect the nails of different infections. It is necessary to cut the nails so that they are more hard and more resistant.

Some natural solutions

Here are some solutions or natural remedies to treat your nails and allow them a better growth:

  • The cucumber juice: pass half a cucumber in the mixer without removing the skin, then put the nails in this mixture, for about twenty minutes. Repeat this once a week and you will notice the difference. You can do the same thing with aloe vera.
  • Peel an onion and dip the nails in its juice. It is a remedy that makes the nails stronger. You must leave them wet as long as possible (while watching TV for example); some even opt to cover them with onions while they sleep.
  • Put two tablespoons of olive oil in a glass of hot water and put your hands in it for about ten minutes. Do not rinse to enjoy the benefits of oil and vitamin E.

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  • Garlic is a very effective home remedy for nails!  It can be applied by chopping two garlic cloves to put the resulting dough on the affected part for 10 minutes, every day for a whole week. The other solution is to rub the garlic directly or chop it to put it in the nail polish.

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