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Are you looking for advice for girls with pale skin? Do you still have problems with makeup? Here we will give you some secrets to be beautiful simply.

Although there are seasons when tanning is fashionable, you do not have to fight with your skin type. On the contrary, with good strategies, you will be able to highlight your natural beauty.

There is not a correct skin color, beautiful or perfect. Each is different, unique and beautiful. You just have to learn to show off!

1. Do not abuse makeup

One of the first things that girls with pale skin should avoid is compact powder makeup.

While this may be a great option for treating dull or combination skin, it will leave your skin looking dusty and smothered.

The ideal is to use makeup that brings shine to your skin. For this, there are two options:

  • The ideal and use makeup in liquid form or foam. This helps control the sebum without leaving this aspect on your face.
  • BB creams. They are perfect if your skin is dry or pale. These creams offer hydration and good coverage, two features you’ll need if you have imperfections to cover.

2. A bright lipstick to add color

One of the big fears of light-skinned girls is choosing strong- colored lipsticks. It is undeniable that reds, roses, corals are complicated to wear.

However, it’s the same for everyone, whatever the color of the complexion. The key is to make your lipstick the focal point of your face, accompanied by a simple make-up.

If at first you do not feel safe using bright colors, start with midtones. Gradually, you can try other colors with which you will feel more comfortable.

3. Avoid eye shadows in light shades

The beige, cream shades will blend with your skin color and will not be noticed. For this reason, these colors are ideal for brightening the brow bone and tear.

For the mobile eyelid, it’s a good idea to look for shades that stand out on your skin. If you want a soft makeup, use neutral colors, but darker than your skin.

4. Swap black eyeliner and mascara for brown

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The classic is black mascara and, of course, it goes to all fair skin provided you use it without excess.

However, when you apply excessively eyeliner and mascara, you end up looking haggard and the feeling of pallor increases.

In case you do not want to leave the black completely aside, change the black eyeliner to gray.

Finally, you want to add color to your face? Try the brown colors. You will be surprised how much they can go.

5. Choose an adequate base

The basic color is fundamental for the makeup of pale skin. It is therefore very important that you make sure that the tone you use is the right one, to avoid making you paler again.

In addition to using the correct tone, it is important that you make sure to apply the base evenly to the neck for a balanced result.

6. Use tan and blush in your makeup

With a bronzer, you will color your face evenly. Be sure to apply it with a thick brush to get a natural look. Apply it in areas where the sun usually marks.

For its part, the blush will help you to look healthy. Of course, you will have to be careful because a red or a too pronounced rose can give you bad looks.

So, try a very light pink or peach color.

7. Learn how to apply the contouring technique on your face

The light color of your face will dissipate its forms. Fortunately, using light and dark tones with the contouring technique will allow you to define your face.

It is therefore important to know your face type for the application of lights and shadows at the appropriate points.

In any case, you will never fail if you respect these points:

  • Apply illuminator under the eyes, on the bridge of the nose, the center of the forehead and on the chin.
  • Apply the dark tone under the cheeks, around the face and on the sides of the bridge of the nose.

8. Do not wear lighter clothes or the color of your skin

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Wearing light clothing produces the same effect as applying light eye shadows. Therefore, try to acquire colorful clothes that will stand out on your skin.

Girls with pale skin do not need to wear brightly colored clothes, but they have to learn to play with colors.

In case you like light clothes, try pastels. If you want to use white, you can make it stand out with accessories or colorful clothes.



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