The Best Acne Scars Mask in 2019

Avocado acne scars mask

Do you suffer from acne scars? Do you want to treat these scars? Just keep reading and you’ll find the Best acne scars mask Ever 

While avocado oil is famous for its applications in cooking, it may also promote skincare. Avocado oil is a component in various kinds of lotions, moisturizers, and sunscreens.

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Benefits of Avocado for the skin:

Avocado has many benefits for health. But now we will discuss the benefits of Avocado for the skin.

1. Prevents and treats acne

  • Once left for brief intervals and rinsed off with warm water, avocado oil is able to keep skin hydrated without leaving an oily residue. This may lessen the danger of acne.
  • Avocado also has anti-inflammatory properties, which decrease the symptoms of acne.

2. Get Rid Of Acne Scars

  • As we mentioned, Avocado has strong Anti-inflammatory effect and provide skin hydration.
  • Avocado has a magic effect on the regeneration of cells, which help in acne scars elimination.

2. Accelerates wound healing

  • Avocado oil might help wounds to heal faster. Researches revealed that the essential fatty acids and lactic acid in avocado oil may encourage collagen synthesis, that is the procedure of producing new connective tissues.
  • The essential fatty acids in avocado were also found to help decrease inflammation throughout the recovery procedure.

3. Treats sunburned skin

  • Additional little studies have demonstrated that consuming avocados might help to protect the skin from damaging UV radiation.
  • The antioxidants vitamins in avocado might help to eliminate the signs of sunburn.

4. Reduces signs of aging

  • The very first signs of aging generally show up on the skin. A number of studies have demonstrated that consuming healthy fats, like those found in avocados, can help the skin to maintain its elasticity.

Ingredients Of The Mask:

  • Avocados – 4 Mashed
  • 2 Tablespoons of Raw Honey
  • 4 Tablespoons of Cocoa Powder

Steps Of Avocado Acne Scars Mask :

  • In a clean bowl, then tip in the skillet along with the honey and stir fry.
  • Add the cocoa powder into the mix and be sure it’s evenly distributed.
  • Put on the mask into the affected regions or the whole face.
  • Allow the mask to sit for approximately 25 minutes.
  • Wash the face afterward with warm water, and then apply moisturizer.
  • Utilize the Avocado Acne Scar Mask once a week for best results.


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