Acne on neck causes and the best treatment options



Acne on the neck is an uncommon, but very annoying skin problem that mostly affects us at the age of puberty.

Acne may occur in any part of the body, including the face, around the mouth, neck, back, chest, and shoulders.

In this article, we will discuss the discuss acne on the neck causes, possible complications, and the best treatment options.

Acne on the neck causes.

The main cause of acne on the neck is clogged pores with dead cells, sebum (produced by oil glands), or bacteria.

Possible causes of clogged pores are:

  • Bad hygiene.
  • Using cosmetics, or even hair products which can block the oil gland in your neck.
  • Not washing your neck properly especially after exercising or sweating a lot

Other causes of neck acne.

  • Hormonal disturbance: which is the main cause of acne in general.
  • Stress
  • Using shaving creams that contain sodium lauryl sulfate, which may irritate your skin.
  • Using multi-blade razors.
  • Long hair rubbing up against the neck.
  • Hair follicles (in the neck) inflammation or infection due to the effect of cosmetic products or shaving creams.

A possible complication of neck acne.

Complication of acne is very rare, but observation of your neck pimples is highly recommended to make sure it’s not anything other than acne. If pimples appear to be abnormal, it could be a sign of another disease such as:

Prevention of acne on the neck.

  • Clean your neck properly especially after exercising.
  • Wearing clean clothes and changing them daily.
  • Wearing cotton clothes that not irritate your skin.
  • Using a single blade razor.
  • Using sodium lauryl sulfate-free shaving cream.
  • Choosing cosmetic products that not irritate your skin.
  • Washing your makeup properly.

Treatment of acne on the neck.

Avoid skin irritation.

As we mentioned before, skin irritation by different causes or products is the main cause of neck acne.

If you do the following tips, you will feel better soon:

  • If you use any cosmetic products that irritate your skin, switch them immediately.
  • Shampooing your beard is highly recommended. As this will help to clean your beard and remove dead skin cells which may clog your skin causing skin irritation and hair follicles infection.
  • Using an electric shaver or single blade razor to avoid skin irritation
  • Using shaving cream for sensitive skin type.

Clean and moisturize your neck

Do you clean your neck together with your face daily? if the answer is no, you have to do that.

You have to wash and moisturize your neck area routinely, and your condition will be better.

Salicylic Acid Products

If you still have acne, in spite of doing the previous measures. You have to try salicylic Acid products as they have a great effect on mild to moderate acne cases.

Concentrations of different salicylic acid products are ranging between 0.5% and 2%.

For better results, salicylic acid needs to be in form of cream—not a cleanser!

Benzoyl peroxide products

If you still have acne or you have a severe form of acne on the neck. You have to use benzoyl peroxide products.

The dose of benzoyl peroxide is calculated according to the severity of your condition and response of your body to the medication.

Improvement in the condition usually appears after 3 weeks, and the final result of the therapy appears after 8-12 weeks of use.

Do not try to increase the dose or use benzoyl peroxide for longer than directed. This makes you more liable to the risks of side effects.

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  • Generally, a hormonal disturbance is the most common causes of acne.
  • If you only have acne on the neck, local irritations such as cosmetic products or shaving creams are the most common causes.
  • Avoidance of skin irritation is the first line of treatment.
  • Cleaning and moisturizing your neck is highly recommended.
  • Daily shampooing of your beard is very helpful.
  • Salicylic acid products are the best option of treatment of mild to moderate cases.
  • Benzoyl peroxide products are still a great option, especially for severe cases.
  • If you choose to use benzoyl peroxide products, you have to use them at least 3 months.


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